Creative Direction: 
Lukas Schmeck 
Sebastian Zimmerhackl 

Project Management & Production: 
Stereo Creative

Art Direction: 
Pascal Wiemers 

CGI: Pascal Wiemers 
Giusy Amoroso 
Gabriel Morala Maldonado 
Maria Mendes 

Post Work: 
Felix Silvestris 
Sam Aldridge 

Julian Jaschke 
Timur Tokdemir (Mechatok) 

Graphic Design: David Benski 
Stereo Creative 

When Nike approached us (Selam X) with the task to create some digital assets for their new Nike React Element 55 we were super excited to get started. What makes the shoe special is the way Nike used computer aided design and real life data to make them as comfortable as possible for everyday use. The Challenge for us was to come up with multiple abstract short videos and stills to show of the computational and highly reactive nature of the shoe.
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